What are the Primary Benefits of Pre-Settlement Funding?

The primary benefits of pre-settlement funding include immediate financial relief during a lawsuit, and the ability to wait for a fair settlement without financial pressure.

How Does Pre-Settlement Funding Differ from Regular Loans?

Pre-settlement funding differs from regular loans as it’s a non-recourse advance against a lawsuit settlement, requiring repayment only if the case is won or settled.

What Types of Cases Are Eligible for Pre-Settlement Funding?

Eligible cases for pre-settlement funding typically include personal injury, workers’ compensation, medical malpractice, and civil rights lawsuits.

What Should Plaintiffs Consider When Choosing a Pre-Settlement Funding Company?

When choosing a pre-settlement funding company, plaintiffs should consider the interest rates, transparency of terms, company reputation, and any additional fees or charges.

Can Plaintiffs Apply for Additional Funding if Their Case Takes Longer to Resolve?

Plaintiffs can apply for additional funding if their case takes longer to resolve, subject to a review of the ongoing case and approval by the funding company.